As Fast as Lightning – Chapter 1

~This story does not follow the plot of CW’s show the Flash~

Maddie groans as the wind blows her hair in face clouding her vision from the google map app on her phone yet again. If she hadn’t been holed up in her new apartment for the last three days she never would have bothered going outside with this weather. However, unpacking for three days has proven to be quite exhausting and Maddie is in desperate need of a large iced coffee.

            “This is getting ridiculous” She sighs and moves yet another strand of hair from her face. She squints up at the street name across from her and then back down at her phone. Madeline Anders isn’t usually one to get lost but she hasn’t gotten used to the streets of Central City yet. She decides that Google Maps is not being helpful and stuffs her phone back into her purse. Pondering about what she should do, Maddie scans the area around her in hopes of finding a non-threatening person to ask for directions. In the corner of her eye, she spots a tall, non-threatening looking guy and decides to approach him. She quickly walks over to him and taps his shoulder.

            “Excuse me, do you know where the nearest coffee shop is? I just moved here and I’m totally lost” Maddie musters up her sweetest smile and gives him ‘please help me’ eyes. The lanky boy returns her smile and runs his fingers through his light brown hair.

            “Um, Jitters is a popular coffee shop here, it’s just around the corner. I can walk with you there since it’s where I’m headed.” Maddie grins at the offer. Normally she wouldn’t trust or follow a complete stranger. But her desperation for iced coffee and her attraction to the tall boy is enough for her legs to start walking next to him.

            “You’re a big fan of coffee then?”

            “Truthfully, I don’t really like the taste so I always get vanilla or something sugary to sweeten it. You?” To most, small talk like that would have been annoying but Maddie doesn’t mind it so much. The boy seemed sweet, a tad awkward but she doesn’t mind awkwardness. And his green eyes are just so captivating.

            “I don’t drink a lot of coffee anymore, it makes me too jittery”

“Fair enough.”

“So, where did you move from?” The boy asks slightly turning to look at Maddie.

    “Queensville, by the beaches. It’s somewhat near Los Angeles” She smiles remembering how nice it was to grow up by the beach. Going swimming on a hot summer day was one of her favourite activities, something she already misses.

            “And you voluntarily left that sunny paradise?” The boy seemed shocked that someone would choose to live in Central City rather than beautiful California. Maddie laughs and nods understanding that to most people her drastic move would seem odd.

            “I’m not going to lie, I’ve only been here for a few days but I already miss the sun and beaches. But I got a job offer that I couldn’t turn down here.” The pair turn around the corner and Maddie spots the large Jitters sign. Only a few steps left until she gets her iced coffee.

            “That’s fair, what field are you in?”

            “Psychology” She responds as the pair cross the street. “What’s your name again? I don’t think I got it” Madeline asks just as the boy abruptly stops in front of the coffee shop and checks his phone. His face settles in a worried look as he reads what’s on the dimly lit screen.

            “I’m sorry but I have to go take care of something” He gives Maddie an apologetic look and runs off disappearing as he turned the corner.

“Okay bye?” She says a little too late.

Determined not to let the unknown boy’s disappearing act get to her, Maddie walks into Jitters hopeful that they have vanilla iced coffee. Maybe she’ll finally unpack the last 10 boxes that have been stacked up in her living room.

© all rights reserved to Melissa Marie


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