My Written Works


Writing has always been something that I’ve loved doing. My crazy over-imaginative mind gives me some fun ideas every now and again. From fictional to editorial, here are all my recent works.


  1. Five Ways to Live Your Life Like a T.V. Show Character. 
  2. The Top 5 Makeup Products for a 10-Minute Routine.
  3. 5 Lipsticks to Make You Feel ‘Spooky’ this October.
  4. Get the Fall 2017 Trends on a Budget.
  5. Halloween 2017 Events in Toronto.
  6. How to Handle School-Related Stress.
  7. Stylish Coats for Winter 2017
  8. Romantic YA Novels you Need to Read
  9. Top 5 Cute Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Moments
  10. T.V. Shows to Binge Watch Over Winter Break
  11. Best Moments of the 2018 Golden Globes
  12. Best Skincare Products for the Winter
  13. My Top 5 Favourite Jewelry Stores and Companies
  14. Cutest Red Lipsticks for Valentine’s Day
  15. Female Canadian Athletes Who Won a Medal in Pyeongchang
  16. TV Shows with Supernatural Elements. 
  17. How to Clean Your Closet
  18. 5 Storytime YouTubers You Need to Watch 


To read all of my short stories click here or the links below: